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Sales, gift guides, giveaways…oh my! The holidays sure are the busiest time of year and we want to make every second count, so today I want to talk about simple ways you can connect with your audience and market your business this season. These festive tips are sure to grab your customer’s attention and help your business shine. Let’s get started!

Have a Sale

One of the most popular ways to create buzz for your business during the holidays is to have a holiday sale! Whether you sell products or services, marking down your items or even offering your customers incentives to do business with you is a great way to stand out from your competitors. Not to mention, the holidays are always a prime time to pique the interest of new customers buying gifts for their loved ones so a special sale can be super effective at grabbing the attention of current and potential customers. Later this month, I’ll also be sharing different types of sales to market your products or services, so stay tuned!

Host a Giveaway/Competition

So, maybe your business isn’t quite ready to markdown all of their products or services. Or maybe you already have the lowest prices around! That’s totally understandable. An alternate way to build buzz that doesn’t include a sale would be to host a giveaway or competition. This way you can offer one special winner (or even multiple winners) a specific hot item or deal while still grabbing the attention of your audience. When deciding what prize to giveaway, remember to consider your audience and what would benefit them best. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose what your winner’s prize will be ( a free item, a discount, a special service, etc)
  2. Choose what audience you want to build (your email list, your instagram followers, your facebook page likes, etc)
  3. Using your chosen audience, decide how your contestants will enter the contest (join email list, follow on instagram, comment on specific facebook post, tag your business in a photo of them using your products), how long the contest will run for, and tell them how the winner(s) will be announced
  4. Once the giveaway has ended, choose and announce the winner(s)!

Hint hint: This is also a fantastic way to build an list of followers and potential customers that you can continue marketing to even after the holidays!

Pamper Your Clients

Marketing your business during the holidays doesn’t just have to be about making the most sales or getting the most new customers. According to research, acquiring a new customer can cost up to 5 times more than retaining an existing customer. Therefore, sometimes it’s best to show your current customers how much you appreciate their business over trying to sell to new ones. And there’s no better time than the holidays to share the love and really wow them by stepping up the customer experience. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Handwritten Christmas Cards — Make it personal! Mention a product or service they’ve purchased or how your business has helped them.
  • Send a Gift Basket — Cookies, chocolates, coffee, wine
  • Host a Holiday Dinner/Event
  • Your Business Merch — Hats, t-shirts, pens, notepads, socks
  • Personalized Gifts — Planner, calendar, keychain, business card holder

Depending on what your business does and who your customers are, there are a plethora of ways to personalize your gifts during the holiday season. Whatever you may decide to gift them, make sure they feel appreciated and understand how much their business means to you.

Share a Gift Guide

One of the top questions you hear during the holiday season is always, “What am I going to get [insert name here] for Christmas??”. Well, give the people what they want, and make a gift guide to help them out! A gift guide features a compilation of great giftable items for a specific audience. For example, Rose and Pixel’s ideal audience is small business owners so my gift guide would showcase items I believe small business owners would benefit from like a calendar, a nice planner, an iPad, tech gadgets, desk accessories, and other office supplies. Decide who your audience is and come up with a list of 5-10 items you believe they’d love to receive during the holidays. Make sure to throw one of your own products or services in the gift guide, too! Use a free graphics program like Crello or Canva to display them all in one place and share them on your social platforms. This provides value to your followers and promotes your own product/service at the same time — win win!

Get Charitable

The holiday season is obviously not all about getting the best gift or scoring the best deal, so a great way to get your business involved around the holidays is to give back. Get your team members together and volunteer around your community. This does wonders for your brand image, and not to mention, it’s never a bad idea to be charitable! Try volunteering at soup kitchen, hosting a free car wash, having a clean up day around town, or gathering items for a clothing drive. Whatever way you decide, share it on your social channels or make a Facebook event to invite other businesses and community members to join in and feel welcomed! There are so many ways to volunteer your time and there’s never a better time than the holidays!

Add a Festive Touch

Business is all about customer experience and relating to your audience. And what better way to stay relevant during the holidays than by adding some festive touches to your own brand? Think of Google’s logo, Starbuck’s holiday cups, or even USPS’s festive holiday boxes. The simple changes to their packaging or logo don’t necessarily affect the way their customers utilize their product or service, but they provide a special, memorable experience to their customers. And you could do the same with your business this season. If you ship products to customers or send gift baskets for appreciation, try adding festive gift wrap or a bow to each package. Maybe tweak your logo to include holiday touches like a wreath, some snowfall, or even a bow. Update your Facebook header to a seasonal holiday image too. These simple festive touches are sure to give your business some holiday flair!

There you have it! Six creative ways you can connect with your audience, make an impact, and enhance your customer experience all while creating buzz for your business with a little added holiday pizzazz. If you implement any of these for your business this season, make sure to leave a comment below!

Now that your marketing is holiday ready, our next step is to get your website holiday ready. So stay tuned for my next 12 Days of Business post where I’ll share different features your website should be implementing during the holidays. Thanks for reading!