Black Friday Haul

Black Friday is seriously one of my favorite days of the year. Like, probably more than my birthday. No, definitely more than my birthday. Each year, my mom, sister, and I get up around 5 in the morning and we stop for coffee or hot chocolate (wishing it was actually cold enough here) then we hit the mall. We shop for a couple hours stopping at Target, JCPenney, Ulta, TJMaxx, etc. then when we just can’t shop anymore, we end the trip at Waffle House, which may or may not be the highlight of the trip for me. I love watching Black Friday hauls on YouTube and on other blogs, so I’ve rounded up a couple of purchases that I thought I’d share today. Obviously, this is only the things I bought for myself though. I won’t be showing Christmas presents I bought for other people so I don’t spoil anything!

Merona Estelle Riding Boots

Retail Price: $39.99, I Paid: $23.99

Riding boots are seriously everywhere nowadays. And for good reason, they’re absolutely adorable. I’ve been hunting everywhere for a pair, but I can never seem to find my size or a price I’m willing to pay. I spotted this pair a couple weeks before Black Friday and just loved them. I love shoes with both black and brown because it makes them so much easier to match them in outfits. As soon as we stopped in Target last Friday, these shoes were the first thing I looked for. Low and behold, they were still on the shelf and 40% off! They actually still have the tag on them in the photo above because I had to return them for a smaller size. They were slightly too loose around my calf. Easy enough though, Target let me exchange them for the same price I paid Friday and I am now the proud owner of these adorable, long-awaited riding boots.

Black Friday Haul | Rose + Pixel Design Co.

Origins Mini Mask Marvels Set

Retail Price: $22.50, I Paid: $22.50

Technically I didn’t buy this on Black Friday, but I purchased it a couple days before and it’s a limited edition Christmas set, so I figured I’d include it here. My skin is always on the drier side and it only gets worse this time of year, especially my face. I’ve tried so many drugstore moisturizers to no avail, so I started looking up reviews for higher end moisturizers. I’ve heard such good things about Origins as a brand in general, and this little set had outstanding reviews. I figured, heck, if I don’t like the moisturizer (the green tube), I always have two other products to fall back on. Well, no worry for that because I’m in love with the moisturizer. First of all, it smells heavenly, like a field full of orange trees, no joke. Secondly, it’s thick for good hydration, but not greasy. I put it on before bed each night, but I don’t have to worry about my hair sticking to it or it getting all over the pillow. I’m really enjoying the blemish mask too (the white tube), even when I didn’t expect to. It claims to be a 10-minute mask, but I recommend leaving it on overnight. Anytime I feel a spot coming on or when I already have one. I just dab a bit on and I’m not kidding, it’s noticeably different the next morning. I will warn you though, it doesn’t smell the greatest, but unless you have a spot right under your nose, it’s not a game-changer. I have yet to try to charcoal mask (the black tube), but I’ve heard great things so I will be testing it out soon!

Black Friday Haul | Rose + Pixel Design Co.

Charlotte Russe Refuge Hi-Waist Skinny Jeans

Retail Price: $32.99, I Paid: $16.40

I discovered these high-waisted skinny jeans a couple years ago, and they have seriously become the only jeans I wear. I have a couple of original blue pair, a black, a burgandy, and now a green! This color looks great in the winter time with boots, dark lipsticks, and white sweaters (of course)! They’re so comfortable and the high-waisted hem line is so flattering.

Call It Spring Konigin Bordeaux Hat

Retail Price: $24.99, I Paid: $24.99

Lemme just say, I have a big head and a ton of hair. I constantly try hats on because I desperately want to be able to wear one, but they’re always too small or they slide off. This one, however, is a perfect fit! I don’t have to push it on my head and it doesn’t like cut off circulation to my brain, which I consider to be a big deal. And can we just admire the color for a second? Unfortunately, there was no sale on this hat, but I was so in love I couldn’t pass it up. It actually still has the tag on it just it case I change my mind and want to return it.

Black Friday Haul | Rose + Pixel Design Co.

Merona Bow Front Handbag

Retail Price: $36.99, I Paid: $22.10

During this time of the year, I tend to fall in love with anything in this beautiful burgandy color. Once I was actually focused on the purse itself instead of just the pretty color and gold hardware, I actually fell in love with the bag immediately. It’s so difficult to find deep pockets on purses nowaways but this one has one on the outside and two on the inside. It’s bigger than I usually carry, but not too big where it’s just a pain in the butt to lug around. Plus, it matches my new hat (unintentionally, of course) 😉

Merona Bow Front Wallet

Retail Price: $9.99, I Paid: $5.99

When I was drooling over the purse I mention above, I noticed they had matching wallets. And I have a totally thing for small wallets. It’s small enough to just carry on it’s own with my phone, but big enough to be able to fit the ridiculous amounts of reward and gift cards I have plus change, receipts, cash, etc. I really, really like the chain attached on the inside of the wallet. I’m thinking about putting a wrist strap on it or maybe even my keys. I didn’t get it in the same color as the purse though because I tend to want a wallet to be brown or black for versatility.

Total Retail Price: $167.45
Total I Paid: $115.97
Saved: $51.48

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