How to Get Your Website | Rose and Pixel | WordPress Web Design and Branding | Albany, LA and Ponchatoula, LAHoliday Ready

Think about how many new websites you visit during the holiday season. Whether it’s searching for that perfect gift for mom or that one-of-a-kind quirky gift for your uncle, chances are, you’re exposed to many new websites and businesses you’ve never visited, or even heard of, before. During the holidays, there are various ways to amp up your website to grab your customers’ attention and wow them with a great first impression. Whether your sell products or services online or your website is a simple landing page of information for your customers, today I’m sharing 6 methods to give your website some holiday flair and give your customers the best possible website experience this holiday season.

Make it Mobile

Have you ever visited a website on your phone and it was practically impossible to use or the navigation just didn’t make sense? Mobile responsiveness for your business is now more important than ever when assuring your website will always be easily accessible for your visitors. Make sure your website is mobile responsive with Google’s mobile responsive tester. Visit and enter your website’s URL. Google will then scan your website and you’ll be given the “all clear” or a list of mobile responsive fixes to assure your site looks mobile-perfect!

Update Your Return and Shipping Policy

Make sure your in-house processes are planned and clearly communicated for even after your holiday sales are over. A great way to do this is to include return and shipping policy pages on your website. Give your visitors a way to know how items will be shipped, who is responsible for shipping, holiday return guidelines, and how to process returns.

Display a Shipping Calendar

One of the most effective ways to encourage your visitors to complete their purchases before the big day is to display a holiday shipping calendar. By displaying this calendar, your customers are immediately shown exactly when they’ll be receiving their items. This is especially great for your customers if you have multiple shipping options, like free or overnight, and if you ship through various companies like UPS or FedEx.

Add a Countdown

A great way to notify website visitors of sales they may have not known about is to entice them to buy now before time runs out. By including a sale countdown on your website, you give visitors a specific amount of time to make a decision. This creates urgency, giving your customers immediate desire for your products or services. A holiday countdown isn’t only for sales though! Implement a countdown to let customers know how much time they have to place an order to receive their items before Christmas, too.

Display Your Holiday Hours

It’s important you let your website visitors know if and when you’ll be taking holiday leave. This assures if they try to contact you during your leave, they won’t be left in the dark as to why they are receiving no response. A few good places to include your special hours on your website are your footer, your contact form page, or a banner at the top of your website.

Implement an Order Scheduler

If you will be taking holiday leave, there are two ways to address any customers orders during this time. You can give your customers the option to still place orders, but display a notice to let them know these will be filled on the day of your return. Or you can implement an order hours scheduler (there’s a great free plugin here for WordPress websites) to set specific dates to disable the checkout process on your website.

I hope your found these tips helpful to give your customers the best possible website experience with a little added holiday flair. Now that your website prepared to take on the holiday season, you’re business is sure to have the best season yet!