Introducing Rose + Pixel!

Wow, I’ve been dreaming of writing this post for about a year now. Where do I even begin? First, welcome to my new lifestyle blog and design studio! I’m so happy you’re here. Rose + Pixel is a personal design portfolio, striving to bring creativity online through web and graphic design, tech tutorials, and lifestyle blogging. Here you can find weekly content on topics ranging from beauty to food to lifestyle to design. I will also provide tons of freebies like digital prints, resume templates, holiday cards, and so much more for download. Make sure to follow along on social media so you never miss an upload!

Why Rose + Pixel?

I’ve gotten this question from a few friends and family by now, and I figured I just address it here. Starting off with “rose”…I love how roses can be both delicate and bold, and I kind of hope to live my life in the same way. Feminine, yet aggressive. Subtle, yet determined. “Pixel” is quite self-explanatory for the fact that every photo, text, and web design element are all made up of thousands of beautiful little pixels. Oh, and my favorite part, the initials of Rose And Pixel match mine!

Let’s Connect

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