Help Your Business Stand Out: Perfect Your Messaging to Boost Holiday Engagement | Rose and Pixel | WordPress Web Design and Branding | Albany, LA and Ponchatoula, LA

During the holiday season, we probably see more advertisements in the last two months of the year than the rest of the year combined. Between, social media, television, radio, and in-person, we’re exposed to so many ads, we most likely don’t remember half of them we’ve come in contact with.

Don’t let your business’s product or service become muddled in the sea of holiday ads soon to be forgotten.

So how do you avoid this? It’s simple. The key is to perfect your messaging.

Perfecting your messaging connects your audience’s needs with whatever it is you sell or provide. People don’t buy into just a thing. They buy into a thing that provides a solution to make their life better. Think of your target buyer and put yourself in their position. What problem does your business’s product or service solve? You need to convert what you’re selling (a product or service) into more than just a thing that costs money in your customer’s mind to something that directly benefits them.  Let’s do a few examples.

Let’s say your business sells all-weather shoes. Your messaging should center around not the shoe itself but the solution that the shoe provides, like:

  • They can be worn all-year round.
  • They’re designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.
  • They make your customer feel limitless and like they can take on the world.

Now your shoes have become more than just another shoe, but a solution to lifestyle.

Or, let’s say your business provides a home-cleaning service. Your messaging shouldn’t just focus on the end result of your customers having a clean home, but:

  • The extra time they’ll get to spend with their family
  • How stress-free they’ll feel because they have a clean home
  • their satisfaction knowing their home was cleaned by professionals
  • How impressed their holiday guests will be

Now a cleaning service that your customer may have once thought, “I don’t need that. I can clean my home all by myself,” has become much more than a desire for just a clean home, but peace of mind.

This switch of perspective is what’s going to grab your customer’s attention and immediately give them a reason to need what you’re selling. So now it’s time to put it into action and focus on your messaging. Use this formula, customizing what’s inside the brackets for your business:

My business [what you sell or provide] for [your ideal customer] to [3 ways your product or service improves your customer’s life].

Rose and Pixel’s would be: “My business provides strategic branding and custom websites for small business owners to help them connect with their ideal customer,  look professional online, and grow their business effortlessly.

Easy right? With this one simple sentence, I immediately connected with my customer’s needs and showed them the result of how my services are going to make an impact in their life. Your business can implement this exact same formula this holiday season to avoid being overlooked as just another ad. Instead, be remembered as way you’re helping your customers’ lives improve and boost your holiday sales.

I hope you enjoyed today’s installment of 12 Days of Business, where I’m sharing ways to help your business market during the holiday season.I’m super excited about Thursday’s fun post all about giving your business some special festive touches, and I promise you don’t want to miss it. I would love to see how your business perfects its messaging, so leave a comment below sharing how you’re implementing the formula we discussed today for the holiday season!