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Happy December! Can you believe we’re already in the thick of the holiday season?? I feel like sometimes I need a full three months to get mentally and physically prepared for the busiest time of the year, not just 4 weeks. Before long, we’ll be starting a new decade! But, one step at a time, right?

Since it is the season of sharing, for the entire month of December, I’m so excited to announce I’ll be sharing a new blog post every other day until Christmas focused on helping your business embrace the hustle of the holidays. That’s 12 days of quality content for your business, dubbed ever-so-cleverly as my 12 Days of Business series.

This series is for you if:

  • You’re not sure where to start with holiday marketing
  • You need guidance on how to help your business manage the holiday rush
  • You’re looking for creative ways to boost your holiday sales

Here you’ll find helpful tips, tricks, and solutions to prepare your business during the crazy holiday season. Today, we’ll start simple with 4 easy ways to prep your business for the beginning of the holiday season. These will help you feel prepared for the season to come and help you boost sales and manage your business smoothly.

1. Meet with Your Team

I know this tip might not sound very helpful, but hear me out, because it’s so important. Your business is only as good as its people, and assuring everyone on your team is on the same page can make or break your customer’s experience. Meet with your team (or just yourself – i see you, my fellow solopreneurs) to discuss any processes, procedures, and important dates that need to be remembered for the upcoming month. This could be things like:

  • step by step of filling and shipping orders
  • the proper ways and avenues for responding to frequently asked questions via social media or phone calls
  • final tasks and deadlines for open projects
  • predicting potential hiccups and preparing how to handle any possible situations that may arise

This helps to set up your business for success and assure all of your day-to-day processes run smoothly.

2. Update Your Info

Now is the perfect time to do a quick sweep of all of your info online and make sure it’s up to date, as you’ll most likely be seeing a spike in traffic during the month. Check your social media platforms, google my business listing (step-by-step guide on that here), and your website for accurate information like:

  • business hours
  • email address
  • email signature
  • physical address
  • phone numbers
  • prices
  • product or service descriptions

And don’t forget to test any contact forms that may be on your website to make sure customers trying to reach you are easily able to! 

3. Manage Your Inventory

Whether you sell products or provide a service, every business has a form of inventory that measures the scope of how much can be sold. If you sell physical products, your inventory is measured by how many of each product you have. If you provide a service, your inventory is measured by how long it takes you to perform this service and the “time blocks” in which you’re able to perform it. Before the holiday rush is a perfect time to make a plan for how much inventory you’ll think you’ll need and update any avenues that manage this inventory to help keep track. This could be a point of sale system or a website or both! This assures you’ll know exactly what’s on hand and help you remain organized during the season.

4. Plan Your Social Content

We’ve saved the best for last because social media is where we’re gonna put your plans into action to connect with your audience and help your business shine. In order to know what to post, you’ll need to decide what your goals are for the holiday season and what it is your audience is looking for. Promote your products, gift ideas, holiday sales, or fun festive tidbits. (I’ll be sharing creative content ideas and ways to schedule your social media content in a post later in this series!) Remember, your social media should show value to your customer, not solely rely on promoting what you sell. Plan your content based on these factors and stay consistent. Decide how often you want to post, whether that’s every day, just on weekdays, or twice a week, and stick to a schedule. This assures you’ll engage with your audience consistently and it helps them to know what to expect from you. 

And there you have it: the first 4 steps to prep your biz for the holidays! To recap, your plan of action (in order!) is to:

  1. Meet with Your Team
  2. Update Your Business Info
  3. Manage Your Inventory
  4. Plan Your Social Content

I hope you found these tips useful in helping your business kickstart the holiday season, and I’d love to hear how you implement them this year. We’re just getting started though, and there are plenty more tips and tricks I’ll share soon. Stay tuned for Tuesday’s post for creative and festive ways to spruce up your holiday marketing!