5 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day | Rose and Pixel Creative

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Pun intended. I’m all about expressing love and gratitude towards the people in our lives, but I also don’t believe that there should be one designated day to show that love to someone and I don’t believe it should be shown through expensive jewelry or gifts. Showing love should be through acts of kindness, and it doesn’t necessarily always have to revolve around a significant other. It’s just as important, if not more, to love and understand ourselves as it is to express our feelings to those special people in our lives. So today I’m sharing a couple ways that you can love yourself this Valentine’s Day, and even share the love with others!

10 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day | Rose and Pixel Creative

1. Treat Yourself

I 100% stand behind the belief that retail therapy is beneficial — well to my happiness, but maybe not my wallet. Sometimes it just feels nice to have a special occasion to splurge on something you’ve really had your eye on. So what better way to show some love to yourself than to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day? Here’s your opportunity to buy that perfume or nail polish or lipstick that you know you won’t wear often, but you’re just dying to have. (The Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick in the above photo — it’s HOT pink, what was I thinking?) Or buy yourself some flowers. I’m obsessed with tulips during spring, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve skipped on buying them while grocery shopping because I felt dumb buying them for myself. You do not need a significant other to buy you flowers, so go for it. Fresh flowers light up a room, and you’ll be glad you did!

2. Celebrate Galentine’s Day

As you get older, everyone always talks about making plans, but many times they never actually come to fruition. This will be the perfect time to follow through and invite your gal pals over for a pamper night! Have face masks, hot chocolate, sweets, and maybe even a little bubbly ready and just talk and gossip to your hearts desire.

3.Have a Movie Night

Some of the best plans come from a night laying on the couch in sweatpants, fuzzy socks, and no makeup, eating countless bowls of cereal while binge-watching movies. Now that sounds like a perfect night to me. Take this opportunity to just have a chill night in all to yourself and you have full control over the TV remote. And if you’re in the mood for a typical Valentine’s Day romance, there are endless movies to choose from on this occasion!

10 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day | Rose and Pixel Creative

4. Social Media Shut-off

Sometimes one of the best ways to treat yourself is to step away from normal routines and let your mind actually recharge. Take this day to relax and focus on how you feel mentally. Turn off the Instagram notifications, log out of Facebook, and take the night to slow down. You can crack open that book you’ve been saying you’ll read, listen to the music that is sure to calm you and lift your spirits, or even take the night to reflect by meditating or journaling. You’ll be surprised at how truly calm you feel the next day by just taking some time to focus on yourself.

5. Half-Priced Candy

So let’s say you treat your Valentine’s Day like any other day. There’s no shame in that! There’s also no shame in picking up some of that half priced valentines candy on the 15th that all the stores are dying to get rid of. If half-priced chocolate isn’t love, then I don’t know what is!

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?