Making Some Changes

Are there ever days when you just wonder where you’re going in life or if you’re ever going to get there? I’ve talked about things I want to change at school lately, and that got me thinking that there are plenty of things I need to change in other aspects of my life. I have all these goals and aspirations that I tell myself I’m going to do, but I never do because of an endless amount of excuses. Here I’ve compiled a list of changes I’m determined to make, starting with no more excuses.

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1.Comparing Myself to Others

Jealousy is hard and it’s everywhere. It’s so simple to see past what we already have and want something someone else has. I’m constantly looking at other blogs and telling myself “I’ll never be that creative” and “I’ll never get any followers” or looking at other girls and saying “I could never pull off that swimsuit” and “My hair will never look that good”. When I think about it though, why do I need to create the things other bloggers already are? Why do I need to look like someone else? I DON’T. Every single person on this earth has something to offer the world, so comparing myself to someone else is so pointless. I need to train my brain to look at something I like on someone else or what someone else created as a positive experience. Instead of comparing and putting myself down because of it, I should be saying “Wow, her hair looks gorgeous like that” and “Whoa, that blog post must have taken a lot of hard work and creativity”.

2. Being Afraid to Spend Money

Yeah, this one probably sounds weird. What girl would have problem buying things? Let me clarify. I don’t have a problem spending money on little things. I can buy clothes, makeup, decor, art supplies, etc. like there’s no tomorrow. However, I find it so difficult to commit to buying big ticket items. I’ve been in my studio since December and I still don’t have a desk or chairs or barstools. I’ve got a bed and a table and that’s it. I’m always so afraid that I’ll spend a lot of money on something and my tastes will change or I’ll regret buying it, so then I just don’t. So now that school is starting back up, I really want to commit to having a place to keep my textbooks and do my homework instead of just in bed because we all know how much comfier a bed gets when we have to actually get work done.

3. Sleeping too much

If “professional napper” were a thing, I’d be the best one in my field. I get in the bad habit, especially once school starts back up, of getting sucked into those afternoon naps around 2 or 3 o’clock. Problem is, my nap isn’t just a 30-minute power nap. No no no. If I sleep, I’ll be out for at least 3 hours, then I won’t be able to fall back to sleep until 2 am the next morning. I’ve always been a night owl and I love staying up late, but this cycle becomes endless and makes me less productive. So, as far as an everyday basis goes, I’ll be sleeping no later than 9:30, and I guess we’ll see how many more blog posts I write in the upcoming weeks, haha.

4. Embracing Change

I’ve never been good with change. I’m a very tradition-reliable kind of gal, but as I get older (I’ll be 21 in a month and a half woot woot), I’m starting to realize change is not something that you can, well, change. I can’t force anything in life to stay the same, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If everything in life were static and predictable, we would never grow as people and really how boring would life be? In 10th grade I changed from a public school I’d gone to my entire life to a private school where I knew barely no one, and it was the scariest thing I had ever done. I was mad at my parents and basically threw a pitty party the entire year. And although at the time I thought I was dying, now that I look back at it, it really wasn’t that bad. It made me come out of my little antisocial shell and I made some pretty great friends. I actually wish I could redo it with a positive attitude just to see how many more friends and memorable experiences I could have had. Therefore, I’m trying to become more willing to embrace the change that I cannot control.

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