September Favorites

Get excited because it’s time for some favorites! I tried out a generous amount of new products this month and I found some real goodies! Here’s what I’ve been loving in the month of of September:

September Favorites 2015 | Rose + Pixel Design Co.

NYX Slim Lip Pencil

Shade: Nude Pink

I just happen to pick this up the other day at Ulta solely for the purpose of using my $3.50 off of $10 coupon. I’ve only used lip liner maybe once or twice before a long time ago, but wasn’t impressed. This NYX lip pencil definitely changed my opinion though! I got the shade NUDE PINK which couldn’t match the color of my lips more perfectly. It glides on so smoothly and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the lasting power of my lipsticks layered on top of it.

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lip Color

Shade: Red Velvet

A couple weeks ago at work we had a Disney dress up day, and I went as Snow White. Obviously, Snow White is about those classic red lips and I realized I only have one red shade. It’s probably one of the first lip products I ever bought and honestly isn’t that great of a lipstick. Additionally, it’s getting around that time of year again where I forget about all of my nude and pink lipsticks and wear berry and red shades religiously. So I thought it was time to go hunting for a really good matte classic red. I swatched a few in different stores and had a couple in mind, until this baby caught my eye. It was only $2.19 and, lemme tell you, it’s phenomenal! Goes on so well and had unbelievable staying power. I’m so obsessed I want to plan my outfits around it, just so I can have an excuse to wear it.

September Favorites 2015 | Rose + Pixel Design Co.

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Nail Color

Shade: Undercover

I was just browsing the beauty aisles at Walmart because I can’t help myself sometimes when I wandered to the small Wet n’ Wild section. I’ve never tried anything from the brand so I thought I’d give it a go (a brand review will be in an upcoming post so stay tuned!) and quickly looked up reviews for some of their products on my phone. The outstanding comments for their nail polishes caught my eye, and although I’m not really one to paint my nails, I gave it a try anyway. It was only $2.83, so no harm. And thank goodness I tried it because it’s wonderful! The brush is probably the best applicator I’ve ever used for nail polish and it dries so quickly. I was so excited that I went back and bought more colors!

September Favorites 2015 | Rose + Pixel Design Co.

FiberOne 90 Calorie Baked Bars

Flavor: Cinnamon Coffee Cake

I’m not one for typically eating three big meals a day. I hardly ever eat breakfast, and I’d rather just find little bits here and there to eat throughout the day. So I don’t know what I’d do without snacks. I usually try to keep it semi-healthy with fruits and vegetables as much as I can, but let’s face it, we all get a craving for something sweet. That’s where these delicious little treats come into place. They literally taste exactly like a cinnamon roll but for only 90 calories! Sometimes I even stick them in the microwave to melt the icing. Mmmmm! I can just throw one in my purse for a perfect little pick-me-up and don’t even feel guilty for eating a second one. Low calorie, delicious, and kick that sugar craving? Yes please!

September Favorites 2015 | Rose + Pixel Design Co.

Vivtar Macro Filters Kit

With my love for blogging comes my love for reading blogs. I follow so many bloggers through Bloglovin’, Instagram, Pinterest, and pretty much everything else. But what catches my initial attention to read their posts in the first place? Photography. A pretty photo can make an okay post outstanding. Bright lighting and sharp focus just makes me so happy. I’m constantly trying to improve my blog photography with different props and camera equipment, but sometimes the options can be expensive. I found an article on improving food photography which peaked my interest in macro filters. I searched online and found this pack of 4 for only $20! Compared to my initial finds of a singular lense for $40, that was a deal I couldn’t pass up! I just screw it on to the macro lens I already have and it creates a more detailed zoom. See the previous photo of the coffee cake? These lenses allow me to focus in on food textures or even the small crumbs. And the lense used in that photo was only the smallest filter increment! So stay tuned for upcoming recipes!

What are your current favorites?

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