Day 4: 4 Games to Entertain the Family This Christmas

4 Games to Entertain the Family This Christmas | Rose + Pixel Creative
4 Games to Entertain the Family This Christmas | Rose + Pixel Creative

The holidays are the best time of the year to gather with friends and family, and I don’t know about you, but my family is super competitive, and we love a good game. So for day 4 of the #12DaysofChristmas blogging series here at Rose + Pixel, I’m sharing 4 fun games everyone can play this holiday season! You know, before the post-dessert naps, of course.

Plastic Wrap Dash

Items needed: 300 Feet Plastic Wrap, Dice, Prize

For the plastic wrap dash, the object of the game is to be the first person to remove the prize from inside the giant ball of plastic wrap! Everyone gets in a circle, with one person starting by holding the ball. The person to their left repeatedly rolls the dice as quickly as they can, trying to land on doubles. While the dice roller is trying to land on doubles, the person with the plastic wrap ball starts unraveling the plastic wrap. Once the dice roller lands on doubles, the plastic wrap ball is now passed to the dice roller, and the dice are passed to the person on their left. This continuously moves clockwise until someone is able to remove the prize from the center of the ball.

4 Games to Entertain the Family This Christmas - Plastic Wrap Dash | Rose + Pixel Creative

Jingle All The Way

Items needed: String, jingle bells

I decided to go with jingle bells on string necklaces for this game just because I thought it was fitting for Christmas, but there are so many different options! For this game, each person receives one jingle bell necklace. And every time a person says the chosen word — our word on Christmas day will be “Christmas”! — the first person to call them on it, takes their necklace. The person with the most necklaces at the end of the day wins! So, merry…Christmas… oops, holidays!

4 Games to Entertain the Family This Christmas - Jingle All the Way | Rose + Pixel Creative

Christmas Charades

Items needed: Charade topics

I’m sure we’ve all played charades before, but it’s such a fun and easy game that everyone can play, I couldn’t leave it out! The most difficult part about charades sometimes though is actually coming up with the topics, so I’ve created a free charade topics printable that you can get HERE!

4 Games to Entertain the Family This Christmas - Christmas Charades | Rose + Pixel Creative

White Elephant (With a Twist!)

Items needed: Trade topics, One general gift per person

This is the game I’m definitely most excited about for Christmas day. To start, each person playing will donate a gift to the “pot”, so there should be the exact number of gifts and people. You either have the option to draw numbers to see what order everyone can choose a gift from the “pot” in or simply go in an order like youngest to oldest. Once everyone has chosen and gift from the “pot” (and no one is holding their own), that’s where the fun starts! In the same order that gifts were taken from the “pot”, a slip of paper with a “trade topic” will be chosen. No peeking though! These topics have commands on them like “the tallest person in the room” and “the person wearing the most red”. So if you draw the card with “the tallest person in the room”, that’s who you trade your gift with! Once everyone has traded according to their drawn topic, it’s now time to open the gift you’re left with! And to share the fun, these Christmas trade topics are HERE for you to download, enjoy!

4 Games to Entertain the Family This Christmas - White Elephant (With a Twist!) | Rose + Pixel Creative