Farewell to 2017 — A Year in Reflection

Farewell to 2017 — A Year in Reflection | Rose and Pixel Creative

3…2…1…Happy New Year! So long 2017, hello 2018! I know new year’s resolution posts will be floating all around the blogosphere right about now, so I’ve decided to switch that out for a reflection of the past year this time. Normally, I encounter some new year anxieties because to me beginning a new year always feels like we have to start the year we just made it through all over again. However, this year I’m really looking forward to a fresh start, and most of all, a fresh mindset. One of my biggest resolutions for 2018 is to think smarter and learn from my past mistakes. It’s always great to start on a clean slate and make a plan for all that we want to accomplish in the upcoming year, but it’s also important to reflect on both the good and the bad that we’ve endured. With that being said, here’s a quick rundown of the ups and downs of 2017.

Farewell to 2017 — A Year in Reflection | Rose and Pixel Creative


Family is something that’s always super important to me and always will be. I live very close to a good bit of my family, and never realized how much that meant to me until this year. I realized that even if I want to dream about living other fabulous places one day, I don’t really think I could ever move too far away from the hometown where I’ve lived all my life.


Wow, this was a bit of a roller coaster this year. It seems that 2017 was the year I came to terms with being okay with cutting toxic friends out of my life. It’s definitely not preferred, but I realized sometimes it’s just better to rip the bandaid off of a friendship, or any relationship for that matter, that isn’t benefiting either party, no matter how long the friendship has been for. Whether it’s because you now no longer have things in common or jealousy becomes an issue or they just blatantly don’t care about you or your interests anymore, it’s time to let it go. The hardest part might be riding solo for a while and putting yourself back together again. And sometimes it will hurt, but time really does heal all wounds, and you’ll be a much stronger and happier person without them.

With that being said, I’ve also made some great friends this year that are never not supportive and that I know always have my best interest in mind. And I’m talking about the type of friends that you cry laugh and have 6793 inside jokes with. And after you hang out with them for hours, you’re on this sort of friendship high and you think to yourself later, “Dang, I’m so lucky to have people like that in my life”.  After splitting ties with the so-called friends earlier in the year, I never thought I’d find this type of friendship again, but I did, and it actually didn’t take long. Also, because I parted ways with those friends, it’s just made me cherish the new friendships that formed all the more.

Farewell to 2017 — A Year in Reflection | Rose and Pixel Creative


After 4 (and a half) years, I graduated college this month! Finally! It honestly hasn’t really sunk in yet that I won’t just be going back mid-January, but it’s so nice to be able to actually plan things earlier in the year and not have to base my life around school and the load of work that comes with it. The fact that I’ll never do homework or study for an exam again is just too foreign to comprehend yet. I never really thought anything of college before, and graduating was just always something that was in my life plan. Now that I have, though, I’m pretty proud of it and definitely feel blessed that such a great university was so close in location to my hometown and to have been able to attend.


Earlier in the year, I landed an internship at a local marketing firm, only intending it to last until the end of my spring semester. As luck (and God’s plan) would have it, I was blessed enough to be asked to stay full time. And I love it and the team of people I work with. Especially now that I’m officially a college graduate, I’m so lucky to have found a job in my field that I love, and it’s great to feel like I’m moving forward in the direction I’m supposed to be going.

Farewell to 2017 — A Year in Reflection | Rose and Pixel Creative


Growing up in a church, I’ve always been religious and I’ve always had a healthy relationship with God. I pray every day, sometimes multiple times a day, for both the good in life that I’m blessed with and the bad that I’m challenged with. Religion is very internal for me, however, and is not something I’m confident in speaking aloud about. Towards the end of the year, I feel like I really began embracing it how I should have been all along, and really hope to even plan upcoming blog posts around the subject. I’m working on relaxing more about what life throws at me, and learning to trust in whatever God’s plan is for me. Honestly, being the bit of control freak that I am, it’s definitely a challenge at times, but, at the end of every day, it’s the most comforting and rewarding aspect of life.


It might be kind of weird to reflect on myself, but I feel like I’ve really become confident in who I am and what I want out of life this year, more than ever before. And actually, that’s one of the areas that I feel like I’ve changed the most lately: confidence. I’ve always typically been confident in who I am, but only internally. When it comes to showing confidence, I always used to be afraid to come off cocky or to be “too much” and that really held back the presentation of any confidence whatsoever. Basically, I’m more confident now in actually showing confidence, and it just makes me a happier person. Also, I’ve learned (possibly the hard way) that, no matter how hard you try, some things in life are just not meant to be. And that there’s a difference between fighting for something or someone and just chasing after something or someone. You can trust people all you want, but you can’t depend on someone else for your happiness. Whether it’s friends, family, or a romantic relationship, those people can definitely make you happy and make your life more enjoyable, and that is perfectly okay, but instilling every bit of your happiness in someone other than yourself only leads to heartbreak. No one is going to get you want you want out of life more than you are. I’m excited to carry these lessons learned into the new year, and see where this new initiative and way of thinking takes me.

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  • So beautifully written.
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