10 5-Minute Tasks You Can Do Right Now to Organize Your Life

10 5-Minute Tasks You Can Do Right Now to Organize Your Life | Rose and Pixel Creative

There’s always something refreshing about the start of a new year. It’s the perfect time to cleanse our minds and face every day with a new and better mindset. One of the best ways to begin on this new path is to organize different aspects of our lives. But who’s got the time, right? Well, today, I’m sharing 10 super quick and simple tasks that even the busiest of us can cross off our to-do lists and feel better prepared for the days to come.

10 5-Minute Tasks You Can Do Right Now to Organize Your Life | Rose and Pixel Creative1. Make Your Bed

Making my bed is always something I’ve really dreaded doing on a daily basis because I tend to be such a perfectionist. I’ve recently picked up the habit, and now it bothers me if it’s not made. It really does make such a difference to a room and even if there are things piled on the floor, somehow a nicely made bed just makes the room look more polished.

2. Do the Dishes

Is there anyone who actually enjoys doing the dishes? I love to cook, but sometimes avoid extravagant dishes just because there will be so many dishes to clean afterwards. I find it best to just wash the dishes as they get dirty, because nothing is worse than having a sink full of avoided dishes to tackle on a weekend. Not to mention, it’s nice to always have that one good pot washed and not have to wash it while you’re trying to make dinner.

3. Charge Your Devices

Nowadays it’s become pretty much a norm that we’re all somehow attached to multiple devices. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with when the last time we’ve charged everything was, until we go to use a device and it’s dead. So this is your sign right now to go gather all of your devices and their charging cables. This could be cell phones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, camera batteries…am I missing anything else? Plug those in (or at least plan to later), and, whether it be running with your smartwatch or watching a movie on your tablet, it’ll be so rewarding next time you need that device and it’s fully charged.

4. Clear Your Workspace

I’m sure this is scientifically proven somewhere, but there is a serious correlation to my productivity level and the amount of junk that collects on my desk, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m a huge believer in sticky notes and anytime I have to remember something, I’ll grab one and just stick it to my desk. But before long, I have 20 unorganized sticky notes of things that probably weren’t that important to begin with that I just have to make myself clear off. Just prioritizing items on a workspace and decluttering it to have only the things we actually need to be productive can make focusing so much easier.

5. Put Your Laundry Away

Anyone take clothes out of the dryer, toss them to a basket, and wonder why they’re wrinkled the next time we need to wear them? Hanging up the laundry and folding the clothes into drawers is definitely not something everyone jumps at the idea of, but it’s so nice to know where everything is the next time we’re looking for it and to know it won’t look like it’s been sitting in a basket for two weeks. It only takes 5 minutes (if that long) to put the laundry away as soon as it’s done, and no more full hampers of clothes!

10 5-Minute Tasks You Can Do Right Now to Organize Your Life | Rose and Pixel Creative

6. Wipe Off the Counters

Oddly enough, this is actually my favorite chore to do because I just find that for how simple and quick it is, it makes a world of difference. I’m sure there are a good few of us that have counters that seem to catch all odds and ends of everything as we walk through the front door. I’ll quickly organize anything on the countertop, put away anything that belongs in a cabinet, and just give it a quick wipe down. And much like making a bed, clean kitchen counters really do make a room look bigger and so much more inviting (even if there are still a sink full of dishes).

7. Plan Your Weekly To-Do List

This is probably one of the easiest and most productive tasks we can take to get organized. Planning all what we aim to get done during the week can relieve so much stress and even help to manage our time better in the long run. It also helps to separate tasks into things that have to do get done that week and things we hope to get done that week. That way we’re able to mentally prioritize our tasks ahead of time and nothing gets left undone.

8. Plan Outfits for the Week

This one is such a fun little task, so it really doesn’t feel like a chore at all, but planning a general idea of what you plan to wear for the week takes so much stress away from a rushed morning. Also, if you live in a state like I do that goes from 70 degrees one day to 30 degrees the next, it saves time to check the weather and to have already based an outfit around that. Plus, it’s nice to not be running out of the door wondering if what you’re wearing actually matches at all. It helps to feel a little bit more put together and prepared for the day.

9. Weekly Meal Plan

Planning what meals you’re going to have, whether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three, can save so much time and stress instead of having to scramble for something after you’ve had a long day at work. Many times you can make things in bulk as well, like breakfast for the week, ahead of time. It can even help you eat healthier and avoid the convenience of just stopping for fast food. This is also great if you want to prepare something that takes a lot of time, and say, you need to put it in the CrockPot for a couple of hours. Plus, I find that anytime I plan what meals I’m going to eat, I always end up discovering things I need restock on at the grocery store. So it’s basically like meal planning and making a grocery list in one. Bonus!

10. Do a Quick Closet Purge

As a shopaholic at heart, I’ll agree that it’s nice to have options when looking over my closet, but I will also say that sometimes it’s also overwhelming when there are too many options. Every now and then, it’s necessary to take a quick look at your closet and pull out anything you haven’t worn in a while or something you don’t see yourself wearing again. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of these clothes, but try putting them somewhere out of sight and out of mind (I normally just toss them in a garbage bag on their own) for maybe a month or two, and pretend you gave it away. If you don’t ever think about wanting to wear any of those clothing items again, it’s time to part ways with them. Chances are, you were only wearing them in the first place because you were reminded you owned them and felt obligated to wear them. Now when you look to your closet, you know everything in there is something that brings you joy and you feel truly confident in.

What are ways you help yourself feel organized?

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  • I am super thankful that in the house we currently lived we just got into the immediate habit of cleaning up things the second we were done. Making the bed, cleaning the counters, it makes such a difference in my space. I do need to work on the closets though!

    • Rachael Portier

      Haha closets are quite the big project, but an organized closet is so much less overwhelming when trying to pick out clothes!

  • serena

    Putting the laundry away is always so important to me. I hate having to run all over looking for clothes.

    • Rachael Portier

      Haha I’m the exact same way. Every article of clothing goes straight from the dryer to being hung up or folded immediately!

  • Maria Katsulos

    Love the closet purge one! I think it’s so easy to get swept up in adding clothes to your closet, especially during sales/holidays when you receive clothing as gifts, that we forget to make room for those new clothes!

    • Rachael Portier

      Exactly, those post holiday sales kill me! The trick really does get the job done though, so there’s more breathing room in the closet when you only have those pieces that you really love.

  • tayloraube

    For me the laundry is the biggest challenge. It’s really so easy to fold and doesn’t take much time, but it’s somehow still the bane of my existence.

    • Rachael Portier

      Me too! It’s so worth it to just take clothes immediately from the dryer and hang or fold them right away.

  • These are all great tips. I do a few of these. The bed gets made everyday. I always clean off my desk space every Friday. But I hate laundry!

    • Rachael Portier

      Laundry isn’t so bad if I’m able to keep up with just a little each day. I try to make the bed everyday, but some mornings just 5 more minutes of sleep seems more important haha. I didn’t think about cleaning off my desk every Friday, but I really like that idea so I think I might try that too!

  • Bee K

    Putting the laundry away helps me think more clearly all the time! It’s usually sprawled around 3 rooms and on our half way!

    • Bee K


    • Rachael Portier

      I feel like there’s so much more breathing room when all of the laundry immediately gets put away! And no wrinkles haha.

  • Making my bed almost always helps motivate me to do the rest of my house. I feel like it really is the small things that lead up to having the motivation for the big things.

    • Rachael Portier

      I’m the same way! If I make my bed, I usually get in the “cleaning mood”, and before I know it, the dishes are done, the floors are swept, and who knows what else!

  • Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    Ah! I so need this in my life right now. This is awesome. I am so bad at being organized. My husband actually makes a joke about it all the time.

    • Rachael Portier

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jeanine! I think there’s no happy-medium when it comes to organization. It seems like everyone is one extreme or the other haha.

  • I hate doing laundry, but I find that if I fold my clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer they stay neater and it takes me less time to do laundry. I also find making weekly or daily to do lists keeps me from forgetting tasks and also gives me a better sense of what I need to accomplish first.

    • Rachael Portier

      I’m the same way! Laundry gets hung up or folded as soon as it comes out of the dryer, and I never have to worry about wrinkles. To-do lists can definitely get overwhelming too, but prioritizing really does help!

  • Nailil Ivaldi

    I have a goal to be more organized this year, so these tips are really helpful.

    • Rachael Portier

      I’m so glad you found these useful, Nailil!

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    I am the least organized person and it drives me INSANE! Thank you for these great organization tips!

    • Rachael Portier

      I’m so glad these could be helpful, Reesa! Good luck on your organization journey!

  • Having the bed made and the sink clean is somehow reassuring to me. I wasn’t always into it, but now it makes me feel as though I have things under control, even when the rest of life is crazy.

    • Rachael Portier

      Wow I didn’t even think about cleaning the actual sink beyond the dishes! That’s a good one!

  • Everything on this list makes me feel so much better about my day. I love starting the day with a made bed and put away laundry. It’s simple tasks but so daunting when you have a long list of things to do!

    • Rachael Portier

      Those little tasks can sometimes be more daunting than the bigger ones but it’s so satisfying to be able to check off the little ones!

  • Rashida Abiola

    Great post. Planning my to-do like and cleaning out my closet is on my agenda for the week. Thanks for the reminder through your post.

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    This is a matter of time management! I do also most of this list. And it feels refreshing after.

    commenting for Angela Ricardo Bethea

    • Rachael Portier

      Exactly! Time management is key!

  • Becca Wilson

    These are literally things I do when I feel like I need a break and a recharge when working from home. It really does add a little mojo to your day!

    • Rachael Portier

      Yeah I find getting the little things done can definitely be relaxing and help clear your head.