Winter Thrift Haul

Winter Thrift Haul | Rose and Pixel Creative

I’m sure now that the holidays have come and gone, there are plenty of us trying to set budgets and watch our spending in the new year. I’m all about trying to find good quality for a great deal, and I find that the best place to go for that is to start at the thrift store. I love the mystery of never knowing what you’re going to find, and chances are, whatever you find will be unique. My personal favorites are Goodwill and a local monthly flea market, so today, I wanted to share a few items I’ve recently purchased (and am seriously loving) from thrift stores and flea markets to stock up on warmer winter clothing this season. Enjoy!

Winter Thrift Haul | Rose and Pixel Creative

Blue Mock Neck Sweater Dress

Thrifted for $0.99

I’m pretty sure we can all agree, if we can wear something with just leggings, it’s a win. I like that this is warm, but it’s also not too warm that I’ll be able to extend it passed winter and get wear out of it during spring too. It’s just so flattering and easy to throw on. Also, how was I not supposed to buy this for just 99 cents??


Banana Republic Camel Peacoat

Thrifted for $4.99

I’m such a sucker for jackets I find at Goodwill. Probably because they cater to my laziness of not wanting to get a dressing room. I’ve really had a thing for brown this winter and am trying to get away from wearing so much black. I just loved the color and structure of this jacket. Also, the pockets in this jacket are so deep so what’s not to love?


Loft Long-Sleeve Tie-Neck Romper

Thrifted for $9.99

I visited Goodwill with my mom a couple weeks ago, and after spending way too much time in the store, I was getting ready to check out, and she brought this to me because she knows I have this love/hate relationship with rompers. I think they’re really cute, but I’m a bit tall for a girl, and they always end up way too short on me. I was willing to give this one a go though, and the magic of Goodwill worked its ways, and this fit perfectly! I was still tempted to pass it up because this was on the brand new rack priced at $9.99, but it did still have the tag attached, so I felt I’d regret not getting it. What I really love about this piece is the high neckline, the tie-up details, and the colors.


Winter Thrift Haul | Rose and Pixel Creative

Floral Fleece Infinity Scarf

Thrifted for $1

I found this little beauty at a flea market right next to where I live back in November, and I can’t begin to describe how incredibly soft and fluffy this scarf is. Plus, the color palette of this is basically my entire winter wardrobe in one. I’m so glad I purchased this because it’s actually become the warmest scarf I own now, and we’ve experienced one of the coldest winters we’ve had in a long time here in Louisiana, so it’s definitely come in handy!


Winter Thrift Haul | Rose and Pixel Creative

Camel Fringe Shawl

Thrifted for $8

I almost passed up buying this because $8 is up there in price for a flea market, but I definitely didn’t have anything like it in my wardrobe, and it still had the tag on it! I can’t believe how much use I’ve gotten out of this, and because it gathers around the neck, it’s incredibly warm and acts almost like a scarf. Think socially acceptable, fashionable blanket. That’s a win in my book.


Michel Heeled Booties

Thrifted for $10

Shoes are one of my favorite things to find at the thrift store because they’re always so difficult to find, especially in my size. I was actually standing in line when someone in front of me was eyeing a different pair of shoes that I was also looking at. She ended up purchasing them before I could take a peek, but then I spotted these right next to that original pair! They were in such good condition, and although $10 isn’t super cheap for Goodwill, I just couldn’t pass them up. I’ve worn these almost everyday since purchasing them, and they’re crazy comfortable!

  • Maya Cuthbert

    Your pictures are awesome! And these are right steals! Thrifting is actually amazing x

    • Rachael Portier

      Thanks so much! It’s so addictive!

  • Laura Samson-Exner

    Those are some great steals. I too have a love hate relationship with rompers. I have yet to find one that doesn’t ride up or look like i’m wearing a potato sack. I really need to start thrifting more often.

    • Rachael Portier

      Haha it’s so difficult to find the happy medium between way too tight and short or garbage bag vibes, but this one was the perfect fit!

  • Ashley Prinzo

    I love the thrift store coats! That peacoat was a great find!

    • Rachael Portier

      It’s so super warm and literally matches with everything!

  • Kyleigh

    Omg you got some really great pieces! I’ve only tried thrifting once before and really didn’t have any luck, but I may have to give it another try!

    • Rachael Portier

      Yeah it’s definitely hit or miss. I find the more often I go, the better my chances are at really finding the good stuff!

  • Brina Clark

    These are some great finds! Your photos are amazing, what camera do you use?

    • rachaelportier

      Thanks so much! These were shot on a Canon T3i with 50mm and 24mm lenses!

    • Rachael Portier

      Thanks so much! These were shot on a Canon T3i with 50mm and 24mm lenses!

  • Maria Katsulos

    Obsessed with the fact that you found such a great Banana Republic piece for FIVE BUCKS!! Thrifting is seriously the way to go for those of us who looove fashion but also want to stick to a budget!

    • Rachael Portier

      For some reason my local Goodwill has a good bit of clothing from Banana Republic! It’s always even more special to be able to brag when you good pieces for well within that budget haha.